We Are

Protected by Faith is a network of religious leaders and people of faith.  We have joined together to respond to the rising wave of division and hatred as well as hate crimes and policies that target communities of color and other marginalized peoples in our country. Our mission is to foster unity based on the conviction that we are bound to one another as sisters and brothers in the human family and that we share common values upon which our diverse faith traditions are founded. 


Our Commitment

We are committed to making Illinois a safe and welcoming place for all people.

We respect the differences in our religious beliefs and respect the diversity of customs present in all who live, work, study, pray, and serve in our great state.

We commit to providing protection and safe spaces for immigrants, refugees, Muslims and all people who are targeted by hateful policies.

We will defend Immigration and Customs Enforcement's longstanding policy that "sensitive locations," such as houses of worship, schools, universities, and hospitals are set aside as safe and holy places.